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Papertone Studio was founded by Filmmaker and Musician Aaron Morgan Payton in Arlington, Texas. After years of producing music with his high school band, Aaron realized that story telling was a very important part of his artistic expression and that collaboration was a growing part of how he would be able to create. So he went to film school!

During his four year stretch learning and studying film at UT Arlington, Aaron met a lot of other local creatives with different modes of expression. Here he expanded his knowledge from music based Audio Engineering to Camera Operating, Editing and Location Sound Mixing. He also worked for the City of Irving Television Network before finally graduation in 2018 with a Bachelors Degree in Film/Video.

Upon leaving University Aaron tried a few different job options, but none stuck being that they were isolating and often mundane desk jobs. They were close to his field of study but
lacking in creative ideals. After this he knew that he had to take things into his own hands and, like many times before, do it on his own!  Over the following two years Aaron went on to work sound on award winning short films that started at South by South West, looped around Sundance and Buffalo Film Festivals, shockingly ended up with a feature on BET!

"Pushing forward I'd like to be a welcoming force that ushers in the spirit of creativity on every set that I manage or am a part of!"

Today Papertone Studio provides Audio recording sessions and live mixing to independent musicians, local businesses and national commercial companies.

(Resume available upon request)

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